About THERMAG 2024

In recent years, caloric cooling has received renewed interest thanks to the development of new materials with enhanced magneto-, elasto-, baro- and electro-caloric effects and thanks to novel thermal engineering techniques and prototype cooling engine designs. Its potential high efficiency and environmental compatibility make this technique competitive with conventional gas compression technologies.

The International Conference on Magnetic Refrigeration at Room Temperature by the IIR was created in 2005 and its scope broadened to caloric cooling at all temperatures from 2018 (THERMAG VIII) onwards. The Thermag conference represents the state of the art in new caloric materials and innovative cooling techniques and provides the ideal environment to present the latest developments in these fields. The conference offers opportunities for academics and industry to develop research collaborations.

The 10th IIR Conference on Caloric Cooling and Applications of Caloric Materials (THERMAG 2024) will present an overview of new caloric materials and innovative cooling techniques, providing the ideal environment to showcase the latest developments in these fields. This prestigious IIR conference will provide a platform for scientists and engineers from around the world working in the field of caloric materials and devices to meet and discuss their research, ideas and challenges.